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Angel Voices started ...

By Angel Voices, Jul 9 2014 07:18PM

... trading on the 26th April 2014 with our first show at The Arthur Findlay Centre in Stafford.

Since that fateful day it's been quite a journey and we have followed it up trading at a International Cricket Stadium, a Community Hall, a Pub, a VW Show, a Conference and Banqueting Centre, a Rugby Club and on the 5th July we added to the collection a Dance Festival in a town centre!

Something for everyone I think!

Newcastle-Under-Lyme hosted a Global Dance Festival in the heart of the town centre at the Iron Market.

We had a wonderful day with the air filled with music and the fabulous sound of African Drums, we didn't get chance to see much of the dancing as we were so busy!

It really was a unique opportunjty to be able to trade in a town centre, especially as it's such a young business still finding its feet and we learnt plenty from the experiance.

I think it's fair to say that we've come so far ...but still so far to go

Thank you to the people of Newcastle for a great day and for shopping with Angel Voices.

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