About Jane

Hello, my name is Jane Griffiths and I am a natural Spiritual Clairvoyant.


I have been aware of the spirit world since a very early age, but in 1994

I started sitting in my local Spiritualist Church development circle.


From there things started to happen quite quickly and soon I was nominated

to attend the SNU (Spiritualist National Union) Novices training program

(now known as the Exponents) which I completed in 1995.

Part of the training and its completion was done at The Arthur Findlay College

of Spiritualism and Psychic Science.


In the following 5 years I served Spiritualist Churches across the country

participating in demonstrations of Clairvoyance, Psychic Suppers,

and Fundraising Events.

Over the next decade my faith took somewhat of a back seat.


I fought against what I knew in my heart I should be doing, choosing work

that paid the bills instead of feeding my soul.

I still did the occasional Church service and readings for my friends, but Spirit

told me on numerous occasions that I was walking the wrong path.


I didn't listen, and I found myself lost.


It took two further visits back to The Arthur Findlay College,

in 2012 and 2013, to put me back on the right path, and so it was that in the first months of 2014 the planing started and Angel Voices was born.

On 26th April 2014, Angel Voices hit the ground running attending its first

event, the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival at The Arthur Findlay Centre in


The day proved to be a great success and it was wonderful to be

surrounded by like minded people.


Other events have been booked, details can be found in the Events page, with more detail in my Blog nearer to the dates, so keep yours eyes open for Angel Voices out and about, and don't be shy come and say hello.


Angel Voices is Midlands based.

I am a member of the Spiritual Workers Association,

the Guild of Spiritual Workers

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